Saturday, September 13, 2008

Here are some more...
I've been doing sketches for a book Jeff's sister wrote. It is about a monster that wants to be a ballerina. I have had a lot of fun coming up with different faces as you can see.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I am going though a phase where I really like to draw monkeys. Don't ask why.
More flowers yet again. These were actually the first I attempted in my nature paintings. They aren't anything too special, but I really like the layering of the colors.
Here is another watercolor painting I did. I found out watercolor is a lot harder than I thought. There is so much about drying time and layering that you really have to think through each piece. I wanted to challenge myself a little and I attempted to paint water and the reflection on the table. It isn't perfect, but I was pleased with my first attempt.
This is a detail from a still life oil painting I did last fall. It was the first class I had with oil paints and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love working with wet paint and mixing colors. This is a process that is completely satisfying for me.
This is my stained glass window I made last summer. I can't say I enjoy the process to make window, but I do love the end product. I tried to pattern it almost like a cobblestone path.
These summer glass classes were a great experience and after cutting myself several times in stained glass, working with molten lava glass in glass blowing, and crying over my blue vase, I can truly say I bleed, sweat, and cry over my art. :)
These are some of my favorite pieces I made in my glass blowing class. The one on the left was the first one I blew and I like to call it my miracle vase. It was in the annealer that was set for 13 minutes instead of 13 hours. This caused everything in it to cool rapidly and shatter, shooting glass in every direction. I got the email of the sad news that night and I actually cried because I was so upset. To me it felt like someone had died! It was the only beautiful successful piece I had made so far in the class. At the end of the email my teacher said that there were a couple that made it. When I came in the next day I found my vase had survived!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This is a piece I did when I was experimenting with watercolors and drying time. Then I enhanced the colors on the computer to make the colors pop. I really enjoyed playing with wet verses dry paint and seeing the reactions I got by layering.